The monthly site traffic function is generally identified as info transfer or bandwidth as well, yet all of the abovementioned terms refer to the very same thing - what amount of content can be transferred to and from your cloud hosting account. The website traffic can be produced in two ways, the more obvious one being website visits. If someone visits your website, their web browser requests and downloads the web pages from your hosting server and then shows them on their end. The more site visitors you have, the more outbound traffic is produced from your hosting account. Due to the fact that this particular feature contains the total web site traffic, not only the site visits, you should not forget that inward traffic is counted too. This means that site content and various other files that you upload to the account with a file manager or an FTP application are counted towards the account quota. Your transfer is usually tracked every month and the counter resets on the first day of each and every month regardless of your actual signup date.

Monthly Traffic in Cloud Hosting

All of our cloud hosting are perfect for any kind of small or medium-sized site or even a larger variety of sites. Considering that you can host a variety of domains in just a single account, we've designed our packages in such a way so as to provide you with all of the characteristics you'll need. No matter if you have a private portfolio web site or an eCommerce website, our monthly traffic quota that your site may use won't ever be a holdback. In this way, you'll have the option to extend your worldwide web presence and acquire a large number of new site visitors without worrying about reaching a cap. The Hepsia hosting Control Panel will give you detailed data about the traffic usage to and from your account, that will enable you to take care of all your web sites as well as the account more effectively. You'll be able to view monthly, daily and hourly statistics, the traffic produced by each domain and by the account as a whole, the most often downloaded files, etcetera.

Monthly Traffic in Semi-dedicated Servers

All our semi-dedicated server plans are rather powerful and you can manage several web sites in just a single account. The monthly site traffic feature suits that power, thus what you'll have is a web hosting account with truly unlimited info transfer. For this reason, your websites can grow as much as it is possible with this kind of hosting and you can receive as many visitors as you would like. For more effective site and account management, you can check out how much site traffic each of your websites produces, however we will never place a limit. For your benefit, you can view monthly, daily and hourly stats and the individual web pages that are visited most frequently, and files that are downloaded the most. When you use our semi-dedicated hosting plans, you'll never concern yourself with hitting any type of traffic limit and you'll be able to concentrate on improving your web sites and receiving more visitors.

Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Servers

The monthly site traffic quota that is included with our dedicated server packages will suit any type of site irrespective of its type. Your web applications can make terabytes of site traffic, which warrants that all of your site visitors will never notice any error message on your site due to insufficient allowance like it may happen with other forms of web hosting. In addition, we leave the option to upgrade the site traffic amount open, however it's highly unlikely that you'll ever need it even if you want to host a file sharing site or a video streaming portal. The server management Control Panel will give you correct live info how much data has been transferred for the month so far, and what amount of it remains before you reach the limit. We'll also alert you once you reach 90% of the quota just to be on the safe side and avoid any downtime of your sites. The info in the panel contains the total traffic, including software downloads, so it is more precise than the one in your website hosting Control Panel where you can view details only about the customers developed by world wide web content.