Most of the emails sent around the globe these days are spam, in other words – undesirable messages with different offers or with links to malicious software. Not only are such email messages irritating, but they also present a threat to your own personal computer, not to mention that you may be conned. Because of this, numerous mail service providers rely on email filters, which are applications that keep track of all inbound email messages and filter the undesirable ones on the basis of their content – what words an email message contains and how often they’re referred to, what web site a given link redirects to, what outbound email server the message comes from, and so on. Certain providers also use the databases of spam-detecting organizations devoted to providing the most up-to-date information about undesirable email messages, to ensure that their clients will not get any email message in their inbox that’s not supposed to be there.

Spam Filters in Cloud Hosting

The security of any mailbox that you set up in a cloud hosting account with our company is ensured by the advanced SpamAssassin email filter that we use. You can activate it via the Email Manager section of your Hepsia Control Panel and it comes with five levels of security based on the spam score given to each message depending on various criteria, such as the recurrence of certain words and phrases, the sender, and so on. If you keep getting junk emails, you can always increase the level or if you’re scared that you may miss a legitimate message, you can combine the automated spam filter with a custom one and redirect all email messages from a given sender to another mailbox. In case you reach the decision that you no longer require a spam filter for a given mailbox, you can disable it with no more than a couple of clicks.

Spam Filters in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you get a semi-dedicated server package from our company and if you create one or more mailboxes with any of the domain names hosted in your account, you’ll be able to activate the powerful, five-level SpamAssassin anti-spam filter that we offer and keep all unwelcome email messages away from your mailbox. This functionality is accessible through the Email Manager section of the Hepsia hosting Control Panel and it can be activated or deactivated for any email account whenever you want. You can also change the safety level with several mouse clicks in case unsolicited bulk email messages continue to appear in your mailbox or the spam filter begins removing authentic messages. As you can select if the spam should be deleted momentarily or delivered to a different mailbox, you can set up, for example, and check all filtered email messages there, so as to make sure that you won’t omit an email that you need. The messages that the anti-spam filter allows to go through will still be delivered to your inbox.